Data for the Constructed Mutant: YCDDd

General Information

Name of the MutantYCDDd (disruption)
Used VectorpMutin2
Used Enzyme SitesHindIII and BglII
Gene Size501 (nt)

Growth & Expression (reporter lacZ):
in DSM:no
in MM:no

Mutant Submission to NIG:

Mutant Construction for YCDDd (disruption)

[Construction of the Mutant]

Primers used for Cloning:
Forward Primer:(gcgcaagctt tag) ycdD-1: gcgcaagcttTCGGCATGAATGGCATTCTC
Reverse Primer:(gccgagatct tag) ycdD-2: gccgagatctTCAATGCCTTTATTCGCTGC
Length of the Cloned Region: 72 to 191 Length: 120
+1 is the first nucleotide of the putative initiation codon

[Confirmation of the Constructed Mutant]

1st Level Phenotype Analysis of YCDDd