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BSORF Gene Entry : BG13828

ORF IDBG13828 (BSU30860)
Length428 aa
1287 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
Molecular mass46670.5
Isoelectric point5.94
GeneytcA         Subtilist      ytcA         UniProt      
Productsimilar to NDP-sugar dehydrogenase
EC number1.1.1.22
Motifpf:NAD_binding_2 1 154
pf:NAD_Gly3P_dh_N 1 151
pf:UDPG_MGDP_dh_N 1 189
pf:F420_oxidored 2 258
pf:Pyr_redox 2 82
pf:ApbA 3 164
pf:UDPG_MGDP_dh 196 291
pf:UDPG_MGDP_dh_C 312 412
Ortholog SSDB
Paralog SSDB
Homology FASTA-sp   BLAST-nr
3D Structure PDB
Category1.1 : Cell wall  
KEGG pathway 
Pentose and glucuronate interconversions

Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism

Starch and sucrose metabolism

Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism

EssentialNo (Mutant)
DNA array data BG13828
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