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BSORF Gene Entry : BG11736

ORF IDBG11736 (BSU23890)
Length275 aa
828 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
Molecular mass30596.8
Isoelectric point9.9
GeneyqjG         Subtilist      yqjG         UniProt      P54544
Producttranslocase for membrane proteins
EC number
Motifpf:60KD_IMP 61 262
Ortholog SSDB
Paralog SSDB
Homology FASTA-sp   BLAST-nr
3D Structure PDB
Category1.6 : Protein secretion  
KEGG pathway 
Protein export

Bacterial secretion system

EssentialNo (Mutant)
DNA array data BG11736
1. Murakami T, Haga K, Takeuchi M, Sato T (2002) Analysis of the Bacillus subtilis spoIIIJ gene and its Paralogue gene, yqjG. J Bacteriol 184:1998-2004.[PMID:11889108]
2. Tjalsma H, Bron S, van Dijl JM (2003) Complementary impact of paralogous Oxa1-like proteins of Bacillus subtilis on post-translocational stages in protein secretion. J Biol Chem 278:15622-32.[PMID:12586834]
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