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BSORF Gene Entry : BG11532

ORF IDBG11532 (BSU21870)
Length558 aa
1677 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
Molecular mass59375.8
Isoelectric point5.32
GeneilvD         Subtilist      ilvD         UniProt      P51785
Productdihydroxy-acid dehydratase
EC number4.2.1.9
Motifpf:ILVD_EDD 34 554
pf:OB_RNB 470 524
ps:ILVD_EDD_1 122
ps:ILVD_EDD_2 465
Ortholog SSDB
Paralog SSDB
Homology FASTA-sp   BLAST-nr
3D Structure PDB
Category2.2 : Metabolism of amino acids and related molecules  
KEGG pathway 
Valine, leucine and isoleucine biosynthesis

Pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis

EssentialNo (Reference)
DNA array data BG11532
1. Fink PS, Zahler SA (1982) Specialized transduction of the ilvD-thyB-ilvA region mediated by Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage SP beta. J Bacteriol 150:1274-9.[PMID:6804441]
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