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BSORF Gene Entry : BG10741

ORF IDBG10741 (BSU35300)
Length841 aa
2526 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
Molecular mass95333.5
Isoelectric point5.34
GenesecA         Subtilist      secA         UniProt      P28366
Productpreprotein translocase subunit
EC number
Motifpf:SecA_DEAD 1 382
pf:DEAD 82 250
pf:SecA_PP_bind 226 338
pf:Helicase_C 448 530
pf:SecA_SW 568 780
pf:SEC-C 821 841
ps:SECA 480
Ortholog SSDB
Paralog SSDB
Homology FASTA-sp   BLAST-nr
3D Structure PDB
Category1.6 : Protein secretion  
KEGG pathway 
Protein export

Bacterial secretion system

EssentialYes (Reference)
DNA array data BG10741
1. Takamatsu H, Nakane A, Sadaie Y, Nakamura K, Yamane K (1994) The rapid degradation of mutant SecA protein in the Bacillus subtilis secA341 (ts) mutant causes a protein translocation defect in the cell. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 58:1845-50.[PMID:7765510]
2. Asai K, Fujita M, Kawamura F, Takahashi H, Kobayashi Y, Sadaie Y (1998) Restricted transcription from sigma H or phosphorylated spo0A dependent promoters in the temperature-sensitive secA341 mutant of Bacillus subtilis. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 62:1707-13.[PMID:9805371]
3. Herbort M, Klein M, Manting EH, Driessen AJ, Freudl R (1999) Temporal expression of the Bacillus subtilis secA gene, encoding a central component of the preprotein translocase. J Bacteriol 181:493-500.[PMID:9882663]
4. Leloup L, Driessen AJ, Freudl R, Chambert R, Petit-Glatron MF (1999) Differential dependence of levansucrase and alpha-amylase secretion on SecA (Div) during the exponential phase of growth of Bacillus subtilis. J Bacteriol 181:1820-6.[PMID:10074074]
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