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BSORF Gene Entry : BG10655

ORF IDBG10655 (BSU35360)
Length304 aa
915 bp   +upstreambp   +downstreambp
Molecular mass32472
Isoelectric point4.78
Genehag         Subtilist      hag         UniProt      P02968
EC number
Motifpf:Flagellin_N 27 165
pf:Syntaxin 65 162
pf:Flagellin_C 211 282
Ortholog SSDB
Paralog SSDB
Homology FASTA-sp   BLAST-nr
3D Structure PDB
Category1.5 : Motility and chemotaxis  
KEGG pathway 
Two-component system

Flagellar assembly

EssentialNo (Reference)
DNA array data BG10655
1. LaVallie ER, Stahl ML (1989) Cloning of the flagellin gene from Bacillus subtilis and complementation studies of an in vitro-derived deletion mutation. J Bacteriol 171:3085-94.[PMID:2498283]
2. Caramori T, Galizzi A (1998) The UP element of the promoter for the flagellin gene, hag, stimulates transcription from both SigD- and SigA-dependent promoters in Bacillus subtilis. Mol Gen Genet 258:385-8.[PMID:9648743]
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