BSTF Data for BG10677

Family descriptionBglG antiterminator motif
Mutant/Isogenic strainQB5173/168 (2)
Target genesrevDEFG-sacC(1,2, 3)
cis Sequence(-148 to -106), and (-92 to -79) of revD (2).
Ligandfructose in medium and LevR dephosphorylation in cell (1).
CommentThe lev operon is controlled by RNA polymerase associated with sigma 54 factor and by the LevR activator that is homologous to the NifA/NtrC family of regulators(1,2). The activity of LevR is regulated by two PEP-dependent phosphorylation reactions catalysed by PTS (4).
1. Debarbouille M, Martin-Verstraete I, Klier A, Rapoport G (1991) The transcriptional regulator LevR of Bacillus subtilis has domains homologous to both sigma 54- and phosphotransferase system-dependent regulators. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 88:2212-6.[PMID:1900939]
2. Martin-Verstraete I, Debarbouille M, Klier A, Rapoport G (1992) Mutagenesis of the Bacillus subtilis "-12, -24" promoter of the levanase operon and evidence for the existence of an upstream activating sequence. J Mol Biol 226:85-99.[PMID:1619665]
3. Martin-Verstraete I, Debarbouille M, Klier A, Rapoport G (1994) Interactions of wild-type and truncated LevR of Bacillus subtilis with the upstream activating sequence of the levanase operon. J Mol Biol 241:178-92.[PMID:8057358]
4. Martin-Verstraete I, Charrier V, Stulke J, Galinier A, Erni B, Rapoport G, Deutscher J (1998) Antagonistic effects of dual PTS-catalysed phosphorylation on the Bacillus subtilis transcriptional activator LevR. Mol Microbiol 28:293-303.[PMID:9622354]
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Ortholog SSDB     COG
Paralog SSDB
Motif SSDB
Localization PSORT   SOSUI